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Aspartame Midy (500 Tablets)
8.60EUR  7.74EUR
Save: 10% off


Aspartame Midy (500 Tablets)

It has a good flavour without aftertaste. It replaces sugar to sweeten coffee, tea or other drinks. It can be indicated in case of low-calory diet....
Le Dieci Erbe (100 Tablets)
9.30EUR  7.56EUR
Save: 19% off


Le Dieci Erbe (100 Tablets)

A 100% natural dietary supplement, based on powder dried herbs, it promotes a regular bowel movement and helps the digestion process. Does not...
NoDol Matrix Adhesive Plaster (5 Pcs.)
13.50EUR  11.48EUR
Save: 15% off


NoDol Matrix Adhesive Plaster (5 Pcs.)

It is used as protective areas of the body suffering from muscle aches, and joint contractures of various kinds (rheumatic pain, sports injuries,...
Stevia Midy (100 Tablets)
4.80EUR  4.66EUR
Save: 3% off


Stevia Midy (100 Tablets)

New natural origin table sweetener containing steviolic glucosides extracted from Stevia Rebaudiana B leaves. It can be used in all hot drinks...

Some Specials

Airborne ImmunoDefence Citrus (32 Tablets)
8.99EUR  8.09EUR
Save: 10% off
Enterogermina Gonfiore (20 Sachets)
13.50EUR  10.80EUR
Save: 20% off
Curasept Daycare Sensitive (250 ml)
5.20EUR  4.90EUR
Save: 6% off
Ialu Clenny Spray (20 ml)
10.00EUR  9.60EUR
Save: 4% off
Vapo Essentia Energy Essence
8.00EUR  7.20EUR
Save: 10% off
Durex Eternal Gel (50 ml)
9.90EUR  6.93EUR
Save: 30% off
A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cream + Oil (50 ml)
10.90EUR  9.26EUR
Save: 15% off
A-Derma Exomega Barrier Cream + Oil (100 ml)
16.50EUR  14.02EUR
Save: 15% off
Avene Couvrance Mascara Black (7 ml)
20.10EUR  16.95EUR
Save: 16% off
Avène Couvrance Translucent Mosaic Powder (9 g)
23.50EUR  19.20EUR
Save: 18% off
Avène Couvrance Compact Cream 04 (9,5 g)
22.00EUR  18.70EUR
Save: 15% off

Monthly Specials

LABO Crescina PS 500 M (12 Vials)
156.00EUR  52.25EUR
Save: 67% off
Tantum ProtActiv Whitening (250 ml)
2.99EUR  2.99EUR
Save: 0% off
Lines Intervallo Fresh Folded (20 pcs.)
2.20EUR  1.39EUR
Save: 37% off
LABO Crescina PS 200 M (12 Vials)
96.00EUR  38.00EUR
Save: 60% off
TENA Wet Wipes (48 Pcs.)
5.30EUR  2.95EUR
Save: 44% off
Elmex Dental Floss (Waxed)
5.45EUR  3.75EUR
Save: 31% off
Multiup (30 Tablets)
10.40EUR  5.95EUR
Save: 43% off
Oral-B Classic Care 40
1.50EUR  1.10EUR
Save: 27% off
Orsovit (60 Candies)
9.00EUR  6.95EUR
Save: 23% off
Ducray Shampoo Extra Doux (400 ml)
13.50EUR  7.60EUR
Save: 44% off
Dermon Dermico Bubble Bath (250 ml)
11.00EUR  7.75EUR
Save: 30% off

Some Specials

Aftir Gel (Tube 40 gr)
14.90EUR  13.41EUR
Save: 10% off
Triderm Bath Oleate (500 ml)
19.95EUR  19.15EUR
Save: 4% off
Omron RS3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
113.00EUR  79.95EUR
Save: 29% off
Ducray Nutricerat Mask (150 ml)
18.50EUR  15.56EUR
Save: 16% off
Kilocal Flat Stomach (15 Tablets)
16.00EUR  13.60EUR
Save: 15% off
Blistex Classic Lip Protector (2 Stick)
4.90EUR  3.92EUR
Save: 20% off
Compeed Callus Patch Medium (10 pcs.)
6.90EUR  5.67EUR
Save: 18% off
Thermacare Lower Back & Hip (2 Bands)
9.80EUR  8.33EUR
Save: 15% off
Thermacare Neck/Wrist/Shoulder (2 Bands)
7.40EUR  6.29EUR
Save: 15% off
Master Aid Cutiflex (5 pcs.)
4.40EUR  3.74EUR
Save: 15% off
Bars Strawberry/Yoghurt (50 g)
1.90EUR  1.88EUR
Save: 1% off