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Aloe Vera Blueberry Juice (1000 ml)
21.00EUR  16.80EUR
Save: 20% off


Aloe Vera Blueberry Juice (1000 ml)

Purifying and soothing, pleasantly flavored with pure cranberry juice. Excellent adjuvant in cases of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract...
Aspartame Midy (500 Tablets)
8.60EUR  5.16EUR
Save: 40% off


Aspartame Midy (500 Tablets)

It has a good flavour without aftertaste. It replaces sugar to sweeten coffee, tea or other drinks. It can be indicated in case of low-calory diet....
Le Dieci Erbe (100 Tablets)
9.30EUR  8.37EUR
Save: 10% off


Le Dieci Erbe (100 Tablets)

A 100% natural dietary supplement, based on powder dried herbs, it promotes a regular bowel movement and helps the digestion process. Does not...
NoDol Matrix Adhesive Plaster (5 Pcs.)
13.50EUR  11.74EUR
Save: 13% off


NoDol Matrix Adhesive Plaster (5 Pcs.)

It is used as protective areas of the body suffering from muscle aches, and joint contractures of various kinds (rheumatic pain, sports injuries,...
Stevia Midy (100 Tablets)
4.80EUR  4.32EUR
Save: 10% off


Stevia Midy (100 Tablets)

New natural origin table sweetener containing steviolic glucosides extracted from Stevia Rebaudiana B leaves. It can be used in all hot drinks...
Sweet Almond Oil (500 ml)
18.00EUR  15.30EUR
Save: 15% off


Sweet Almond Oil (500 ml)

This pure Sweet Almond oil, cold pressed, solvent free, locks in moisture for a natural, radiant and protected skin. Helps protect dry, delicate and...

Some Specials

ClinoDent XL Whitening System
16.90EUR  14.36EUR
Save: 15% off
Multicentrum Neo Mamma DHA (30 + 30 Tablets)
23.90EUR  21.75EUR
Save: 9% off
Fixomull Stretch (1000 x 10 cm.)
25.20EUR  23.94EUR
Save: 5% off
Heel Arnica Compositum (50 g)
12.20EUR  11.71EUR
Save: 4% off
Phytocyane Hair Loss Shampoo (200 ml)
12.20EUR  9.80EUR
Save: 20% off
RestivOil Physiological (350 ml)
15.00EUR  12.75EUR
Save: 15% off
Dermasol Stick Transparent (4 ml)
9.90EUR  9.11EUR
Save: 8% off
Benefibra Powder (14 Sachets)
12.90EUR  10.95EUR
Save: 15% off
Autan Junior Vapo (100 ml)
8.30EUR  8.30EUR
Save: 0% off
Lierac BB Luminescence (30 ml)
30.50EUR  25.92EUR
Save: 15% off
Boiron Euphralia Eye Drops (30 Single Dose)
19.90EUR  15.92EUR
Save: 20% off

Monthly Specials

Proctosoll Cream (20 g)
7.90EUR  5.45EUR
Save: 31% off
Sintotrat 0,5% Cream (20 gr)
8.90EUR  5.95EUR
Save: 33% off
Scholl Nail Fungus Treatment (3,8 ml)
31.10EUR  19.95EUR
Save: 36% off
Scholl Velvet Smooth Kit Nail Care
41.99EUR  19.90EUR
Save: 53% off
MG.K Vis Lemonade (14 Bustine)
10.50EUR  7.45EUR
Save: 29% off
Valeriana Alfa (30 Tablets)
8.40EUR  4.95EUR
Save: 41% off
Xamamina (6 Cps.)
6.40EUR  4.90EUR
Save: 23% off
Lactoflorene Flat Stomach (10 Sachets)
13.50EUR  7.45EUR
Save: 45% off
Dermon Intimate Cleanser (500 ml)
11.80EUR  4.25EUR
Save: 64% off
Iso Clenny Spray (120 ml)
13.00EUR  5.95EUR
Save: 54% off
Lactoflorene Cholesterol (20 Sachets)
20.00EUR  14.45EUR
Save: 28% off
Aveeno Shower Bipack (2x500 ml)
16.49EUR  13.95EUR
Save: 15% off

Some Specials

Isomar Spray (100 ml)
12.60EUR  10.71EUR
Save: 15% off
Scholl Gelactiv Protection Tubular in Gel
13.21EUR  11.89EUR
Save: 10% off
Curasept ADS 0,20% Soothing (200 ml)
8.30EUR  6.97EUR
Save: 16% off
Durex Tropical (6 pcs.)
10.00EUR  7.00EUR
Save: 30% off
Dermovitamina Micoblock Cream (30 ml)
8.90EUR  8.01EUR
Save: 10% off
Giusto Ventaglietti (150 g)
4.20EUR  3.78EUR
Save: 10% off
Oxygenated Water 10 Vol. (250 ml)
1.20EUR  0.96EUR
Save: 20% off
TENA Wet Wipes (48 Pcs.)
5.30EUR  4.24EUR
Save: 20% off
Actenacol Drops (12 ml)
11.00EUR  9.90EUR
Save: 10% off
Baking Powder (4 Sachets)
1.52EUR  1.50EUR
Save: 1% off
Valda Unsweetened (50 g)
5.00EUR  3.75EUR
Save: 25% off
Valda Pastilles (50 g)
5.00EUR  3.75EUR
Save: 25% off